Jakko van Rhee Design & Build is a company which has designed and constructed a variety of building projects. 

Our team coverts a broad spectrum of experience and expertise in the field of construction and remodelling including but not limited to design, drawings, and building permits. We specialize in many areas; from bathrooms to replacing a roof including profound renovations from start to finish. 

Our goal is to work with the client throughout every phase of the project seamlessly and in a cost-effective and timely manner. Strong teamwork and working relationships with our business partners result in the highest quality work achieved in the shortest amount of construction time. 

Jakko van Rhee Design & Build is an integrated approach to all of your design and build services, written into a single contract, and under the direct supervision of one company. 

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Due to changing circumstances or wishes, the need may arise to adjust a building. Extra space, better light or a more contemporary layout are reasons to consider a renovation.

If desired, we start with a design which we will realize. Peripheral matters such as making construction drawings, construction calculations, and applying for permits are also part of our activities.

The art of renovation is to connect as closely as possible to the original building design. To realize the renovation in such a way that it seems as if it has always been there.


Adapting an outdated house to the current time. Renovating the bathroom, replacing the kitchen, laying parquet floors or completely renovating your home.

Renovation requires knowledge and a feeling for existing buildings. Our team of professionals with years of experience in renovations possess these qualities and are able to realize any personal wishes as a modern user with high quality.

Beautiful, true materials and design play an important role in this. It is precisely here where Jakko van Rhee Design & Build distinguishes himself by using his architectural experience and expertise.

JRDB is often involved during the purchase phase and will advise on renovation options and associated costs.


The technical lifespan of a building is not infinite. Thorough maintenance is a must and is absolutely necessary. Maintenance of your property is, after all, preservation of your property.

Frames must be painted periodically, roofs must be replaced or repaired, all to avoid greater damage. JRDB takes stock of your maintenance needs and carries out the necessary work. You will also benefit from the versatility of our team.

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About Jakko

Jakko van Rhee has an extensive architectural experience with a background in architecture. Characteristic is his sense of design and honest, beautiful materials. This is invariably the basis for every construction project.

As an architectural engineer, he has a broad knowledge and is able to guide his customers from design to realization.